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September 8, 2010 @ 4:47 pm

OVERCOMING TEMPTATION: The Lust of the Flesh - Part 1

Part 3a in the mini-series: "Overcoming Temptation".  This message focuses on "The Lust of the Flesh".  In today's culture, the #1 area of battle that is threatening the church, our families, and our nation is - Sexual Immorality.  This is the introduction to this topic, and ends with instruction on what one can do if they have fallen prey to this temptation.  The second part of this message will deal with practical steps in battling the "lust of the flesh".   The text is found in Luke 4:1-19.   (c) 2010 Resurrection Christian Outreach, Kirk L. Zehnder.  Used by permission.  Visit us on the web at .

Notes for this message are available on our website.

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